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Drifter: Act 1 is a piece of interactive fiction written for Fortnightly Fiction Jam 1.

Direct Gemini through the puzzle that is her past and try to find the reason of your presence in the strange place you woke up in.

This is the first game I've written using Twine's Chapbook format, and in fact the first game I ever release, so scope was an issue. I realized halfway through that I would need to absolutely destroy the optional limit of 2500 words to tell the story I would like to tell, so I decided to cut it in half. It still has more than 7000 words in it so it clearly was the right move...

Music by Chad Crouch, from the album Arps, under a CC-BY-NC license.

Cover picture by Gabriele Garanzelli on Unsplash.

Install instructions

Unzip Drifter.rar and run Drifter.html, without removing it from the folder (it would break the music). You might run into an issue where the font doesn't load properly: mash Reboot a few times and it should fix itself.


Drifter: Act 1 31 MB


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Really enjoying this! Really nice worldbuilding and a good job of bringing the player up to speed in a way that feels natural and exploratory.  Excited to see more!